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Donkey Dreams Sanctuary provides forever homes for donkeys and a place for humans to have intimate and meaningful donkey experiences with our growing donkey family.

Our Story

Donkey Dreams was birthed in our hearts when we realized some donkeys desire to roam open spaces with their families, have a special place to call their forever home and to interact with humans at their leisure. While we primarily exist to give donkeys who have been displaced from their original homes their best life, we also exist to make the world a better place, one donkey and human interaction at a time. We believe donkeys have an amazing ability to make you feel loved, accepted and worthy. It’s been our observation that when people interact with donkeys they have an increased sense of well-being, kindness and compassion.

Since we recently adopted a number of donkeys, we would like to give our new donkey residents time to settle in before welcoming our friends and family. If you would like to be invited to private donkey experiences hosted by Co-Founders, Amber and Edj, join our friends and family community so you can receive personal email invitations from Amber and Edj.

In the meantime, many of our adopted donkeys still need sponsors so please visit Meet the Donkeys  to see if there is a donkey you would like to sponsor.

How it got started

Donkey Dreams Sanctuary is the manifestation of our desire to create environments for donkeys to thrive and to help humans increase their well being. After years of passionately supporting people in improving their physical and emotional well being, we expanded our passion circle to donkeys when we learned about the plight of wild burros on American soil. Since then we have dreamed of creating a place where donkeys who have been rescued or removed from their original habitat could live their best life in a forever home at our sanctuary.

The more time we spent with wild burros and rescued donkeys, the more we saw that not all donkeys were created to be peoples’ pets. Some donkeys desire to roam open spaces with their families, have a special place to call their forever home and to interact with humans at their leisure.

Our dream to create a donkey sanctuary was accelerated when Pink and Eli were born. We bonded so deeply with these baby donkeys that we decided to open our sanctuary as soon as we found the best home for it. Within 6 months, we found a location for our sanctuary and adopted them soon after. We will never forget the overwhelming joy we felt when we brought Pink, Eli and their moms home to their 2.5 acre field where they could roam, explore, play and be as close to a wild burro family as possible. This moment will forever inspire us to give as many wild burros and displaced domestic donkeys a forever home that best aligns with their accustomed habitat.

– Amber + Edj

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Many people would love to have their own donkey but don’t have the space for it so they sponsor a donkey at Donkey Dreams. When you sponsor donkey, you will receive a monthly update on your donkey.


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