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Donkey Dreams Sanctuary provides forever homes for donkeys and a place for humans to have intimate and meaningful donkey experiences with our growing donkey family. As a sanctuary, we welcome all types of donkeys—wild, domestic, special needs, senior donkeys, bonded donkeys and donkeys in need of other companion donkeys. It is our hope that when you interact with our donkeys that you leave more joyful, peaceful, content…and maybe even in love with donkeys.

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We are regularly welcoming donkeys young and old into our special place where they are free to dream and roam open spaces with their families. Here you can get to know all of our wonderful donkeys and discover their unique, fun personalities.

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Many people would love to have their own donkey but don’t have the space for it so they sponsor a donkey at Donkey Dreams. When you sponsor a donkey, you will receive a monthly update on your donkey.

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Make a difference

Are You Ready to change a Donkey’s life?

Make a donation

Contact us to get more details

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We Simply fell in love

Donkey Dreams Sanctuary is the manifestation of our desire to create environments for donkeys to thrive and to help humans increase their well being. After years of passionately supporting people in improving their physical and emotional well being, we expanded our passion circle to donkeys when we learned about the plight of wild burros on American soil. Since then we have dreamed of creating a place where donkeys who have been rescued or removed from their original habitat could live their best life in a forever home at our sanctuary.


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